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Hello, I am Mika Ella! I’m a singer/songwriter and a poet. I released four albums so far and worked on numerous other projects with my producer Chris Hurts. All the projects we worked on sold almost 150.000 CDs so far, most of them in a country with a population of about 4 million. In fact, “Take It Or Leave It, Baby” is my first international album, at the moment only in the digital edition.

I love the eighties because they were romantic like poetry and music, optimistic and full of spirit, and from today’s perspective this beautiful dose of sadness is even more emphasized. The whole eighties were the years of my childhood and it was a wonderful period to grow up, in a completely different world. The influence of ’80s music can be heard in today’s music very often.

My music career started in 1999 when I released my first single as the lead singer and co-writer of a dance music project called Matrix. Matrix released three albums and fifteen singles in Croatia, most of which topped the local charts and won festival awards. Seven singles were No.1 in the Croatian national chart at the time. I also had two singles released in Poland by Warner Music.

With my first band Matrix, I toured most of Croatia and Slovenia, but also Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

However, I always felt I should sing in English and share my talent and love for music and words with the whole world. But sometimes, life takes you away from your dreams and you just need to survive through the hard times. When the right moment comes, life brings you back home. In my case, home is music. So after many years, I got back home, to music, singing, and writing.

I love variety, so as an author and performer I like to dedicate myself to everything I enjoys. My first singles are dedicated to the sound of the eighties, more precisely to the Disco sound of the decade (Italo and Euro).

My first single “Take It Or Leave It” achieved exceptional success – my song was played on radio stations in Europe and South America. My music, words, and voice won over an audience eager for the sound of the 1980s. In a very short time, I gathered tens of thousands of retro sound fans on my Facebook and Instagram page, and established me as one of the leading female singer-songwriters of the eighties retro music.

The second single “Free Like Amsterdam” repeated the success of the first one. Also, my pilot single “The Girl With Golden Hair” came out in two versions, one of which revived the spirit of the Eurodisco style. The 4th single “Last 2 Girls On The Dancefloor” was a duet with legendary disco legend Linda Jo Rizzo, and the fifth one, “Never Let It Die”, completes my first album in Italo Disco style, which is now available in digital format, but will also soon be available in exclusive physical formats.

As I rounded out my first Italo Disco story, I will now move forward into my new sound, which we’re working on right now.

I also write poetry, love planting flowers, and love animals. I have two adopted dogs, I’m a vegetarian and love nature. I express myself through my songs and poetry, my voice, and my attitude and thoughts that I share with my fans daily.

You can buy all my music on this website, and listen on Spotify and other streaming services (links are here on the site).

I hope you’ll enjoy my music, old and new, as much as we enjoyed making it.

Thank you for your support,

Mika Ella